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The one for your team

The story of our Company

No internet and no mobile phones in 1982, when we first started to help businesses hire the right people.

Today, we have the technology and processes in place that allow us to communicate – and act – swiftly and efficiently as we look for candidates around the globe.

KMCG GmbH sharpens its profile

KMCG executive search

To celebrate 40 years of KMCG GmbH in 2022, we relaunched our brand.

The one for your team, our new slogan, spells out what we do and what we strive for.

Third generation

KMCG executive search

2010 – globalisation, new industries, new technologies – the market has continued to evolve. The internet has changed the way we communicate and how businesses market their products and services. As the market becomes more transparent, focused consulting services for companies and their leaders are in demand.

The third generation of partners has operated under the name of KMCG GmbH since 2010. We are now based in Berlin, but we continue to do what we know best – helping and supporting businesses to thrive by finding the right people.

Second generation

KMCG executive search

The 1990s were a period of change for the international executive search industry. As a result of these changes, the German subsidiary of Friisberg Group becomes a stand-alone company: KMCG Kuhn Management Consultants GmbH.

Founded as J. Friisberg & Partners GmbH

KMCG executive search

Friisberg Group, an international HR consulting company, establishes a German subsidiary in Kronberg/Taunus. This subsidiary is among the first companies on the German market to specialise in professional executive search services.

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Accomplished managers at your side

KMCG executive search

To be an Executive Search Consultant at KMCG, you need to know what you are doing. This requires hands-on management experience. The current, third generation of KMCG partners serving their clients has more than 200 years of combined management experience gathered across a variety of industries.

Say goodbye to vacancies

KMCG executive search

Our executive search services fill demanding management and specialist positions, with a particular focus on Germany, Europe, the Americas and China. We have placed over 1,500 people since our foundation in 1982.