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We set great store by having the same partner work side by side with you throughout the project.

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We set great store by a detailed briefing to make sure that we only approach candidates who are a perfect fit. We endeavour to learn as much as possible about the particular vacancy, skillset and mindset you are looking for.

Being reliable means that we will get to work right away once we have been engaged, and that it will usually not take us longer than two weeks to present you with the first results. After the first targets have been identified, we move to an internal evaluation phase. In-depth interviews with the candidates enable us to assess whether they are a good fit. These interviews take time, but they are an essential building block for a successful executive search. Based on these interviews, we analyse and assess the candidates. These findings then allow us to put forward a strong recommendation to our clients.

We accept exclusive executive search mandates from discerning clients, to find the one for their team.

Our executive search processes have been tried and tested many times over.

The briefing allows us to understand the company’s situation and the market trends it is exposed to. It sets the scene for a thorough analysis, which may also include hearing what other executives within the company think about the matter.

At the end of this process, we work together with our clients to create an ideal candidate profile in preparation for our next steps.

We then start a systematic search for candidates who meet the requirements of that profile, selecting and assessing potential hires. While we know the markets and trends in our clients’ sectors, this phase also includes professional research.

To determine if a potential candidate might be the one, we conduct in-depth interviews with them that focus not only on professional aspects but also on personality.

We then present our clients with the best candidates and are happy to continue to offer support in the ensuing selection and assessment phases. As a reliable partner, this support extends to client and candidate alike.

The final hiring decision rests with our clients, but we can assist with collecting and reviewing references and testimonials, or with assessments, as required.

But our job in recruiting doesn’t stop there. Even after a new leader has been hired, we’re here to help.

With every client and every mandate being unique, the details of this tried-and-tested approach can be adapted as needed.

Being reliable also means that we continue to support our clients in the long term, above and beyond a single search project. We are in it for the long run. As the workplace is becoming more and more impersonal and virtual, personal values, secondary virtues and the right chemistry are becoming indispensable for those looking for a sound, long-term and effective working relationship.

We cherish long-term business relationships based on values and collaboration. We’re not in it for one short mandate and a quick fix, but to solve your ongoing personnel problems and address your hiring needs by finding the right people – not just at C-level, but for other exposed roles as well.

We set great store by having the same partner work side by side with you throughout the project. Direct communication with the client ensures a more personal, more immediate and ultimately more successful relationship.

KMCG executive search


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“We will be by your side in times of growth and crises, to support you through change processes and restructurings. We‘re here for your success.”

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KMCG executive search

To be an Executive Search Consultant at KMCG, you need to know what you are doing. This requires hands-on management experience. The current, third generation of KMCG partners serving their clients has more than 200 years of combined management experience gathered across a variety of industries.

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KMCG executive search

Our executive search services fill demanding management and specialist positions, with a particular focus on Germany, Europe, the Americas and China. We have placed over 1,500 people since our foundation in 1982.