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As a responsible HR consultancy in the mobility sector, one question in particular is in focus for us: How can we ensure mobility, both individual and for mass transport, without wasting the resources of our environment.

In times of climate change, this question is becoming increasingly urgent. Our answer to this is: by using the best minds for the strategic further development of mobility. Be it the development of mobility solutions for metropolitan areas, be it the further development of alternative drive solutions such as: E-drive, fuel cell, hydrogen or other – based drive solutions – for all developments it needs qualified and creative employees. These think future and continue the successful development in the companies.

For us as a personnel consultancy, this means having our hand on the pulse and looking for the managers of tomorrow today. The requirements of the companies for the future development, including the development of solutions and technologies, are enormous. Through our many years of experience and networking in the market, we find the right ones and can assess who will promote the development.

Our partners have approached the topic of mobility from a wide variety of angles. From the rail industry to aeronautical engineering and shipbuilding – we are well networked in the sectors and understand the requirements for a wide range of functions. Whether C-level management or specialist – we are familiar with direct search in executive recruiting and C-level recruiting and know exactly how to optimally fill the position to be filled.

Our experience in the “classic” mobility – the automotive industry – is very distinctive. We know that not only the large automotive manufacturers are in demand here, but that Tier1, Tier2, Tier n in particular, as well as other automotive supply companies play an important role, many of which are hidden champions. Particularly in the areas of occupant safety, connected driving, vehicle interiors, lighting, vehicle assistance systems and quality, we work closely with globally positioned companies.

In the area of electromobility, too, we are very well networked and work with companies that are working on the future of mobility. Here, the focus is not only on the production of electric vehicles, but also on the development of mobility concepts and charging infrastructure. We know experts who know exactly what skills are needed here and how to find the right candidates.

In the aerospace sector, too, we work closely with companies that are working on the future of mobility and developing innovative technologies. We have the expertise to find specialized specialists and managers in these areas as well.

All of these industries have the goal of developing innovative and environmentally conscious mobility. As personnel consultants, we bring our expertise to bear here in order to find the right candidates for the companies. Our work enables mobility to be secured without bringing restrictions to individual freedom. We are committed to ensuring that the mobility of the future is sustainable and environmentally conscious.

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